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  • Scalp Massaging Brush


    A new way to transform your hair routine !

    Wash day will no longer be the same with the scalp massaging brush. Thanks to its flexible spikes, it gently massages and allows you to properly clean the scalp offering at the same time a moment of relaxation. It also boosts hair growth, stimulating microcirculation.

    Its + : give yourself a self-massaging time for a pure moment of relaxation !

    The scalp massaging brush is suitable for the whole family, all hair types, all kinds of scalp !

  • Black Satin Durag


    Fix with style!

    Soft and easy to wear, our Black Satin durag will keep your sleek hairstyles in place and give you the famous "waves" that made its reputation!

    To perfect your hair or simply for style, the durag is made for you!