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    Wash the hair gently!

    For a shampoo without tears!

    The Conditioning Shampoo, with a gentle formula, without sulfate*, allows to clean the most sensitive hair scalps in one go. Your child’s hair is nourished and regains its softness and shine!

    Its more: It has a mild Ph and does not sting the eyes !


  • Roots Complex -...

    Slows down hair loss.
    [Tested clinically]

    The Roots Complex, rich in specific hair vitamins, is especially formulated for hair loss and dandruffs.

    Slows down hair loss for 75% of volunteers.

    Hair growth for 60% of volunteers.

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    The ally of very dry and damaged hair

    Specially formulated to repair very dry and damaged hair, the ACTIREPAIR range associates avocado and biological olive oil known for their nourishing and repairers powers.

    The range consists of 9 products, for an ultra-complete routine suitable for natural or chemically treated hair.

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  • Natural Touch Range

    Sublimate the natural hair !

    With a Hibiscus based formula, known for its softening, emollient properties and Organic Aloe Vera with its moisturizing, soothing and reparatives virtues, the Natural Touch Range fortifies and subliminates the hair to give back all their brightness, vitality and natural shine.

    The natural touch range consults of 6 products.

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    Straightened hair (mechanically or chemically processed)

    Dedicated for straightened hair, the Actiliss Range allies nutritive benefits of the Argan Oil with the restoring properties of the Keratin to discipline and nourish relaxed and straight hair.

  • Acticurl Hydra Range
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    Acticurl Hydra Range

    Boost , shape and control your curls !

    Specially designed for all curls types, from waves to tight frizz, the ACTICURL HYDRA range, enriched in Pitaya, Aloe Vera and vegetal Glycerin gives you a complete routine made out of 7 products to take care and sublimate you curls on a daily basis.

  • 100% pure Plant Glycerin...

    Softens, moistens and moisturizes.

    Moisturizing and emolliating, the Plant Glycerin improves hydration. It protects the hair from dryness and limits dehydration. It also brings flexibility to the hair.

    [100% Natural]

  • Control Sculpting Wet look...

    Wet look and bright shine

    Natural hold, shiny effect, non-greasy

    Enriched in Aloe Vera, Coconut oil and glycerin, the Wet look Gel does not dry the hair and helps to maintain hydration without sticking the hair or leaving flakes.

    Sleeked back, defined, structured or curly... this gel will fit all your needs!

    [No alcool - No paraben - No silicon - No mineral oil]

  • Ultra Conditioning Shampoo...

    Gently cleanses delicate hair.

    The Activilong Junior Ultra Conditioning Shampoo with sweet almond oil is the ideal care to detangle children’s hair.

    In one gesture, it cleans, protects the most sensible hair scalp and the most delicate hair which will recover texture and shine.

    [No paraben – No silicone – Anti-limestone]

  • Coffret Actikids
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    The Little Actikids Box

    Take advantage of the introductory limited time only offer with the Little Actikids Box!

    Because you kid deserves the best, Actikids is at least 97% natural origin and is enriched in Mango butter and Organic Sweet Almond oil to meet the specific needs of children’s delicate hair! This little box is composed of 8 products for a complete hair care routine, the Kidsbrush and a planting kit!


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    The perfect LCO Pack!

    L for Liquid, C for Cream and O for Oil, the LCO method has been created to give and maintain the moisturization into the hair by a layering process of differents care products textures.

    The Softening Mist moistens and hydrates, the Puff Cream deeply nourishes and the Sealing Oil seals all these benefits into the hair fiber, lastingly.