Your full Actiforce beauty routine!

    The beauty secret inspired by the afro caribbean women's traditional heritage fo the hair in lack of strength and vitality.

    Meet the 11 care and styling products created to give all its magnificence back to the frizzy and kinky hair!

  • Acticurl Hydra Range
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    Acticurl Hydra Range

    Boost , shape and control your curls !

    Specially designed for all curls types, from waves to tight frizz, the ACTICURL HYDRA range, enriched in Pitaya, Aloe Vera and vegetal Glycerin gives you a complete routine made out of 7 products to take care and sublimate you curls on a daily basis.

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    A complete hair care collection!

    Because your kid deserves the best, Actikids is at least 97% natural origin and is enriched in Mango butter and Organic Sweet Almond oil to meet the specific needs of children’s delicate hair!


  • Puff Cream ACTIFORCE

    Step #4 Moisturize

    The Actiforce Puff  Cream, enriched in plant proteins, gives strength and resistance to frizzy and kinky hair without burdening them.

    No rinse, its creamy texture wraps the hair with softness and moisture.

    [98% natural origin - Plant proteins enriched - No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oil]

    What's the difference between Leave-in and Puff Cream? Read below!

  • Hair Food ACTIFORCE

    Step #6 Sublimate

    The Actiforce Hair Food nourishes, protects ans disciplines the hair. Thus, frizzes are controlled, the hair is soft and shiny.

    [98% natural origin - No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oil - No paraffin]

  • Hair Butter ACTIFORCE

    Step #5. Nourish/Seal

    The Actiforce Hair Butter, made of Black Castor and Sapote oils, nourishes and protects the hair but not only, it also seals the hydration to maintain water into the hair fiber.

    [99% natural origin - No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oil]

  • 100% Pure Black Castor Oil...

    Step #5. Nourish/Seal

    Thanks to its richness and its fortifying and revitalizing benefits, the Actiforce 100% Pure Black Castor Oil is ideal to nourish and seal the moisturization of the hair.

    [100% pure Black Castor Oil]

  • Wash & Care Duo Actiforce
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    Wash & Care Duo Actiforce

    The perfect combo to wash and nourish your hair!

    The Fortifying Shampoo’s oily texture transforms itself into light foam when you add water to softly wash your hair.

    The smoothness of the Fortifying Haircare Mask coats the hair fiber with a cocktail of benefits. Enriched in vegetal proteins, it restores strength and vitality to hair in the blink of an eye.

  • Intensive Care Pack Actiforce
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    Intensive Care Pack Actiforce

    Intensive care for damaged, brittle and dull hair.

    Revitalize your hair in a blink of an eye with this combination of 3 benefits' sources!

    The efficiency of the Hot Oils Hair Care associated with the softness of the Fortifying Shampoo and the richness of the Fortifying Hair Care Mask give your hair a brand new youth!


    Condition your curls !

    Particularly soft, the Acticurl Hydra Co-wash allows you to wash your hair daily while protecting the hair fiber.

    Its 98% natural origin formula nourishes the hair thanks to its moisturizing and conditioning ingredients.

    [ 98% natural origin- No paraben- No silicon- No sulfate- No mineral oil ]

  • Curl Activator Shampoo...

    Wash your curls !

    Very soft, the Acticurl Hydra Curl Activator Shampoo deep cleanses without removing the natural lipid protection of hair.

    Thanks to its natural ingredients concentrated formula, detangling is easier and the hair is nourished.

    [No S.L.Sulfate- no paraben – no silicon – no mineral oils]

  • Conditioning Haircare Mask...

    Nourish your curls !

    The rich texture and formula of the Acticurl Hydra Conditioning Haircare Mask will allow an optimal nutrition and easier detangling.

    Fortified, your hair regains shine and flexibility thanks to its reconstructive and nutritive ingredients.

    [97% of natural origin - No paraben – No silicon- No mineral oil ]