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  • Fortifying Haircare Mask...

    Step #3 Care

    Enriched in plant proteins, the Actiforce Fortifying Haircare Mask creamy texture melts into the hair to deeply regenerate the hair fiber from roots to ends.

    Ideal for a perfect moisturization, it also helps to detangle the hair.

    [97% natural origin - Plant protein enriched - No silicone - No mineral oil]

  • Conditioning Haircare Mask...

    Nourish your curls !

    The rich texture and formula of the Acticurl Hydra Conditioning Haircare Mask will allow an optimal nutrition and easier detangling.

    Fortified, your hair regains shine and flexibility thanks to its reconstructive and nutritive ingredients.

    [97% of natural origin - No paraben – No silicon- No mineral oil ]

  • Nutrition and Shine Mask...

    Softness, brightness and sheen

    The Actigloss Nourish Nutrition and Shine Mask creamy texture melts in the hair to revitalize those with a lack of brightness.

    After using it, the hair is shiny and silky.

    [97% natural origin-no paraben-no silicone-no mineral oil]

  • Repairing Hair Care Mask...

    Nourishes and deeply repairs the hair.

    Enriched with nutrients, the Actirepair Repairing Hair Care Mask is an ultra-conditioner which penetrates the hair to restructure by filling in the smallest breaches.

    Its generous texture reinforces the hair fiber and strengthens it without greasing it.

    The hair looks immediately strong, shiny and full of vitality.

    [No paraben – No Mineral oil]

  • Smoothing Care Mask...

    Nourishes, detangles and accentuates hair straightening.

    The Actiliss Smooth Smoothing Care Mask reinforces the effects of straightening; it nourishes deeply the hair and protects the lengths from any heating device.

    The smooth creamy texture is easily rinsible and non-oily.

    [No paraben]

  • Conditioning Hair Care Mask...

    Deeply nourishes natural hair.

    The smooth creamy texture of the Natural Touch Conditioning Hair Care Mask has been formulated to deeply

    nourish and reinforce natural hair.

    Enriched with Hibiscus and Aloe Vera and subtly perfumed, the hair is soft and shiny.

    [New formula 97% of natural origin - No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oil]

  • KARINONI Conditioning...

    Nourishes and revitalizes dry and stressed hair.
    Detangling effect.

    The Karinoni Conditioning Hair Care Mask allies the nourishing properties of the Shea Butter with the regenerating virtues of the Noni.

    It allows dry and stressed hair to regain nutrition, strength and vitality.

  • Shea Butter and...

    Nourishes, straightens and coats the hair fiber, fragile or devitalized hair.

    Thanks to its rich formula made of Shea Butter and phyto-proteins, the Shea Butter Nourishing Haircare Mask nourishes fragile and devitalized hair.

    The properties smooth and coat the hair fiber by detangling it.


    Detangle effortlessly !

    The Must-Have for an esay and quick detangling!

    Especially formulated to overcome hair knots, the Conditioner enriched in Mango butter and Organic Sweet Almond Oil is the hair care that your kid will love. Shampoo time becomes a moment of pure happiness!

    Its more : A quick detangling in only one gesture !