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Intensive haircare

  • Actiliss Stop Break Pure...


    Deeply repairs fragile and dry hair.

    The Stop Break Pure Keratin System is a quick-fix and highly nutritious care which compensates the lack of hair fiber, fills in porous areas and tightens the scales.

    Its light texture penetrates the hair and deeply rebuilds it for perfect shine.

    [No paraben]

  • Hair Booster Lotion Actigro

    Tonifies and sanitizes the scalp.

    Rich in cleansing and soft ingredients, the Hair Booster Lotion Actigro stimulates the scalp.

  • Lengths Complex –...


    Revitalizes brittle hair and split ends.

    Formulated with Ginseng and Hibiscus flower extract, the lengths complex einforces the hair length.

    Hair tips are repaired and lengths are moisturized.

    Hair shines and is full of vitality.

  • Roots Complex -...


    Slows down hair loss.

    The Roots Complex, rich in specific hair vitamins, is especially formulated for hair loss and dandruffs.