• Oleobain Hot Oil Treatment...

    Regenerates, purifies and revitalizes.

    The Actirepair Oleobain Hot Oil Treatment is a cocktail of 7 vegetal oils aiming to repair.

    Applied before shampoo, it cleanses the scalp and targets the porosity of the hair fiber for intense and deep repair.

    [No paraben – No mineral oil]

  • Repairing Shampoo ACTIREPAIR

    Gently cleanses and facilitates detangling dry and damaged hair.

    The Actirepair Repairing Shampoo cleanses and nourishes the hair throughout the lengths with the mild cleansing agents.

    Enriched with vitamins and nutritive ingredients, the creamy texture builds a protective film for strong and repaired hair.

    [No paraben - No silicone]

  • Conditioning Milk Spray...

    Protects and facilitates the smoothing.

    Enriched with provitamin B5, the Actirepair Conditioning Milk Spray is a protective shield against any heating device and humidity for a perfect smoothing with no frizz.

    Hair is protected, soft and shiny.

    [No paraben]

  • Smoothing Care Shampoo...

    Gently cleanses and softens the hair

    Enriched in milk protein, the Actiliss Smooth Smoothing Care Shampoo gently provides a long-lasting protection against humidity.

    Upon first use, the effects of straightening are enhanced, and the hair is manageable and soft.

    [No paraben - No sulfate]

  • Smoothing Care Mask...

    Nourishes, detangles and accentuates hair straightening.

    The Actiliss Smooth Smoothing Care Mask reinforces the effects of straightening; it nourishes deeply the hair and protects the lengths from any heating device.

    The smooth creamy texture is easily rinsible and non-oily.

    [No paraben]

  • Heat Protection Smoothing...

    Repairs and protects damaged split end. Non-greasy.

    Especially formulated for split ends and coarse hair, the Actiliss Smooth Heat Protection Smoothing Serum swathes the hair with a microfilm protection against any heating device and humidity to manage frizzy hair.

    Its light, non-greasy texture penetrates the hair and deeply rebuilds it for perfect shine.

    [No paraben - No fragrance]

  • Stop Break Pure Keratin...

    Deeply repairs fragile and dry hair.

    The Stop Break Pure Keratin System is a quick-fix and highly nutritious care which compensates the lack of hair fiber, fills in porous areas and tightens the scales.

    Its light texture penetrates the hair and deeply rebuilds it for perfect shine.

    [No paraben]

  • Conditioning Shampoo...

    Gently cleanses the hair scalp.

    The Natural Touch Conditioning Shampoo has a smooth creamy texture. It nourishes and restructures the hair fiber from naturally dry hair.

    It gently cleanses and detangles natural hair.

    [No paraben- No sulfates - No silicone]

  • Conditioning Hair Care Mask...

    Deeply nourishes natural hair.

    The smooth creamy texture of the Natural Touch Conditioning Hair Care Mask has been formulated to deeply

    nourish and reinforce natural hair.

    Enriched with Hibiscus and Aloe Vera and subtly perfumed, the hair is soft and shiny.

    [New formula 97% of natural origin - No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oil]

  • Quick Detangling Spray...

    Quick and efficient detangle. No rinse.

    The Natural Touch Quick Detangling Hairspray is a product ally of rebel and hard-to-style hair.

    Thanks to its bi-phased and non-greasy texture, its formula deeply hydrates the hair. It becomes soft and easier to comb.

    [New formula 96% of natural origin - No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oil]

  • Conditioning Hair Milk...

    Intense hydration on natural hair. No rinse.

    The Natural Touch Conditioning Hair Milk is an essential treatment for natural hair.

    Thanks to its 98% of natural origin formula, this no-greasy and no-rinse milk brings all the benefits the hair needs for a daily styling.

    [98% of natural origin - No paraben- No mineral oil - No silicone]

  • Plant-based Brillantine...

    Manages style and shines.

    The Vegetable-based Brillantine brings shine and a finishing style without suffocating the scalp.

    Its melting texture seals the moisturizing effects of the hair.

    [No paraben- No Vaseline - No silicone]