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Relaxed / straightened hair - 1A / 1 C

  • Smoothing Care Shampoo...


    Gently cleanses and softens the hair

    Enriched in milk protein, the Actiliss Smooth Smoothing Care Shampoo gently provides a long-lasting protection against humidity.

    Upon first use, the effects of straightening are enhanced, and the hair is manageable and soft.

    [No paraben - No sulfate]

  • Smoothing Care Mask...


    Nourishes, detangles and accentuates hair straightening.

    The Actiliss Smooth Smoothing Care Mask reinforces the effects of straightening; it nourishes deeply the hair and protects the lengths from any heating device.

    The smooth creamy texture is easily rinsible and non-oily.

    [No paraben]

  • Multi-Care Mask Spray...


    Nourishes, repairs, protects, shines. No rinse.

    The Multi-Care Mask Spray Actiliss Smooth is an all-in-one care. It protects the hair from any heating device or humidity and extends hair straightening effects.

    No rinse, no pose, its non-greasy texture makes the hair regains shine and vitality.

    [94% of natural origin -No paraben - No phenoxyethanol - No silicone - No mineral oil]



    Nourishes and sublimates the hair.

    Concentrated in Argan oil and pure vegetal Keratin, the Actiliss Smooth Hair Food nourishes and sublimates the hair.

    Real shield, it perfects the smoothing while making the hair shine and protecting it from dryness.

    [No silicone - No paraben ]

  • Heat Protection Smoothing...


    Repairs and protects damaged split end. Non-greasy.

    Especially formulated for split ends and coarse hair, the Actiliss Smooth Heat Protection Smoothing Serum swathes the hair with a microfilm protection against any heating device and humidity to manage frizzy hair.

    Its light, non-greasy texture penetrates the hair and deeply rebuilds it for perfect shine.

    [No paraben - No fragrance]

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    Straightened hair (mechanically or chemically processed)

    Dedicated for straightened hair, the Actiliss Range allies nutritive benefits of the Argan Oil with the restoring properties of the Keratin to discipline and nourish relaxed and straight hair.

  • Sheen Shampoo ACTIGLOSS...


    Shine, vitality and... softness!

    The Actigloss Nourish Sheen Shampoo brings glow and vitality to hair without shine. 

    Its Jojoba and Macadamia formula gently clears the impurities of hair fiber while protecting the dull and brittle lengths.

    [98% of natural origin - No paraben - No silicone - No sulphate]



    Moisturize and revitilize your dry hair!

    Thanks to Jojoba and Macadamia oils, the Actigloss Nourish Hair Milk revitalizes dry hair and protects it from climatical aggressions ( sun, wind …) while giving it vitality and sheen.

    + : its sweet and delicious fragrance which going to charm you for sure !

    [98% of natural origin - No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oil]

  • Oil Sheen Mist ACTIGLOSS...


    Moisture, shine, nutrition 

    The Actigloss Nourish Oil Sheen Mist illuminates the hair without greasing or weighing them. 

    Enriched in 6 vegetal oils, it nourishes and moisturize the hair while leaving a subtle fragrance. 

    Use for finishing on natural or relaxed hair.

    [97 % of natural origin - No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oil]

  • Serum Polisher ACTIGLOSS...


    Say goodbye to split ends!

    Adapted to all hair types , the Actigloss Nourish Serum Polisher is a light sublimator. Its light texture leaves silky and shiny hair.

    The ends are nourished, protected and sheathed.

  • Hair Care Mist ACTIGLOSS...


    A rain of benefits for your hair!

    The Actigloss Nourish Hair Care Mist is ideal for smoothing and detangling the hair while protecting the hair fiber.

    Its formula, enriched in Jojoba and Macadamia brings vitality and shine.
    The hair is soft, shiny and easy to comb.

    [96% of natural origin - No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oil]

  • Pack Nutrition & Shine...
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    Pack Nutrition & Shine...


    Your essentials nutrition and shine needs in one pack !

    1 Hair Milk + 1 Finishing Hairspray + 1 Hair Food, the Nutrition and Shine Actigloss Nourish Pack contains the essential combo to give your hair an incomparable softness, shine, and nutrition!