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Specially formulated for children from 6 years old, the Junior range is enriched with Sweet Almond Oil to bring softness and nutrition to the hair of little curly, curly and kinky heads!

  • Ultra Conditioning Shampoo...


    Gently cleanses delicate hair.

    The Activilong Junior Ultra Conditioning Shampoo with sweet almond oil is the ideal care to detangle children’s hair.

    In one gesture, it cleans, protects the most delicate hair which will recover texture and shine.

    [No paraben – No silicone – Anti-limestone]

  • Conditioning Balsam JUNIOR


    Detangles delicate hair. No rinse.

    The Junior Conditioning Balsam with organic sweet almonds is the ideal care for easily detangling children’s hair.

    It reinforces the hair fiber and softens the hair.

    The hair is detangled in the blink of an eye and with no tears!

    [No paraben]

  • Nourishing Styling Milk JUNIOR


    Nourishes dry and fragile hair.

    To facilitate styling and make this beauty ritual a time of sharing and pleasure, this is the Nourishing Styling Milk with Sweet Almonds that is ideal for detangling children’s hair.

    [No paraben – Anti-Static]

  • Nourishing Hairdress...


    Regains shine on dry hair.

    The Nourishing Hairdress Brillantine formulated with Organic Sweet Almonds helps the hair to regain shine and manageability.

    [No paraben]