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Hair foods & Brillantines

  • Hairfood Actikids


    Gently seal the hydration !

    The nourishing balm that protects hair !

    The Hairfood is enriched in Mango butter and Organic Sweet Almond to deeply nourish, protect, but mostly discipline little frizzy and kinky heads. Its creamy texture seals hydration and leaves your child’s hair soft and shiny.

    Its more: The Hairfood can be used to braid the hair or to maintain the baby’s hair!


  • Hair Food Actiforce


    Step #6 Sublimate

    The Actiforce Hair Food nourishes, protects ans disciplines the hair. Thus, frizzes are controlled, the hair is soft and shiny.

    [98% natural origin - No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oil - No paraffin]

  • Plant-based Brillantine...


    Manages style and shines.

    The Vegetable-based Brillantine brings shine and a finishing style without suffocating the scalp.

    Its melting texture seals the moisturizing effects of the hair.

    [No paraben- No Vaseline - No silicone]

  • Vegetal Hair Gloss ACTIREPAIR


    Structures, disciplines and shines the hair.

    Enriched with mango butter, the Actirepair Vegetal Hair Gloss disciplines and protects the hair from dryness by sealing hydration with the hair fiber.

    Its plant composition brings shine without residue thanks to the texture and the non-sticky formula.

    [No paraben - No silicone - No Vaseline]



    Give shine and hold to your hair. 

    The association of natural oils (Macadamia, Jojoba, Rosemarry, Castor oil) in the Actigloss Nourish Hair Food brings nutrition, shine and hold to hair.  

    Dedicated to kinky and frizzy hair, this brillantine is ideal to structure a hairstyle, maintaining curls and lay down baby hairs.



    Nourishes and sublimates the hair.

    Concentrated in Argan oil and pure vegetal Keratin, the Actiliss Smooth Hair Food nourishes and sublimates the hair.

    Real shield, it perfects the smoothing while making the hair shine and protecting it from dryness.

    [No silicone - No paraben ]

  • Enhancing Styling Plant Wax


    Discipline and embellishes the hair.

    The Enhancing Styling Plant Wax composed of 10 revitalizing and lustring plants, structure the hair lock with shine.

    [No paraben – No silicone]

  • Carrot Regenerating...


    Regenerates and facilitates styling for dry and damaged hair.

    The Carrot Regenerating Brillantine has excellent regenerating properties to help very dry hair recover shine.

    It nourishes, protects the hair fiber and the hair is easier to manager.

    [No paraben – No silicone]

  • Shea Butter Nourishing...


    Nourishes and facilitates style for dull and brittle hair.

    The Organic Shea Butter nourishes and reinforces brittle hair.

    Essential, it protects the hair against external aggressions. The hair is nourished and easier to manage.

    [No paraben – No silicone]

  • Castor Oil Smoothing...


    Straightens and facilitates style for coarse and undisciplined hair.

    The Castor Smoothing Brillantine straightens the hair by bringing shine and protection.

    The hair is softened, docile and easier to style.

    [No paraben – No silicone]

  • Coconut Protective...


    Protects and facilitates style for damaged and deshydrated hair.

    The Organic Coconut Protective Brillantine reinforces devitalized hair.

    Deeply nourishes dehydrated hair and reinforces the hair fiber.

    The hair is sheathed, strengthened and shiny.

    [No paraben – No silicone]

  • Rosemary Purifying...


    Soothes itching scalp and manages styling.

    The Organic Rosemary Purifying Brillantine has a cleansing and sebo-regulating effect against dry dandruff and itching scalp.

    The hair scalp is cleansed and the style easier to manage.

    [No paraben – No silicone]