« Frizzy hair is my passion. I had the chance to evolve in a environment where the ethnic mix declines curly, frizzy and kinky hair in thousand facets. All my experience gained during these fabolous years of technic discoveries aimed at transforming the hair, I concentrated it in Activilong. »

Yannick Cheffre, founder of M.A.I Laboratories

The passion of the Nature as legacy

Born in Guadeloupe at the end of the 30’s, Yannick Cheffre grew up at her grand-mother’s side, traditional healer, who will convey all her love of the Nature and her precious plants knowledge to her.


First expert of the frizzy hair in France

After being trained by the best hairdressers of the 50’s in Paris, she opened her first salon at the age of 18 in Guadeloupe. Her outstanding knowledge of the hair and her mastery of new hairstyling technics, like hair relaxing that she will be the first to practice in the French West Indies, would quickly make her a reference in her island.


First « afro hair » salon in metropolitan France

Noticing a complete lack of hairdressers knowing how to manipulate frizzy hair in France, and after 30 years of experience in Guadeloupe, Yannick Cheffre decided to come in metropolitan France. She opened the first salon totally dedicated to “afro hair”, Bd Rochechouart in Paris.


Creation of the Miss Antilles International Laboratories

Frustrated by the lack of good hair products adaptated to frizzy hair, Yannick Cheffre decided to create herself its own formulas by traditional methods, enriching products of the period with oils and plants mixes. Combining Science and Nature for the first time, she revolutionized the multi-cultural hairstyling and give rises to her own hair products range and her own laboratory. She will name both Miss Antilles International as a tribute to her Caribbean roots.


Laurier d'Or de la Qualité et de l'Esthétique & Diplôme du Prestige de l'Europe

The Laurier is a distinction of the French Cosmetic Industry, awarding companies which are particularized by the creativity, technicality and quality of their products.
The Diplôme of the Prestige de l’Europe, highlights the international presence of the M.A.I Laboratory’s brands.


Creation of the exclusive Phytorepair System

Technic innovation, this system is a combination of protective and repairing vegetal oils. It detects the breaches and instantly compensates the most damaged hair.
All the plants’ strength to deeply repair your hair.


Victoire de la Beauté (French Beauty Award): Richesse des Cheveux Range

Distinction of quality and performance, the Victoires de la Beauté are awarded by a consumers panel after blind trials of the products. Richesse des Cheveux is a complete haircare range formulated with Rose Muscat precious oil and Jojoba wax strictly selected for its hydrating, regenerating and polishing virtues.


Victoire de la Beauté (French Beauty Award): Actirepair Coniditioning Milk Spray

Enriched in provitamin B5, the Actirepair Coniditioning Milk Spray is a real shield against heating tools (like hairdryer or hair iron) and against humidity for a perfect straightening with no frizzes. See the product.


Victoire de la Beauté : Actirepair Repairing oil « Fantastic Oil »

Real vegetal oils cocktail (Olive, Avocado, Coconut, Macadamia, Jojoba...), its formula, at 98% of natural origin, wraps the hair fiber in a protective micro foil that preserves it from dryness and humidity. See the product.


30 years of experience in hair beauty and care

Since three decades, Yannick Cheffre concentrates all her hairdressing passion and experience in the elaboration of her products in order to offer the best of the Nature’s richness and scientific’s performance to the hair.


Victoire de la Beauté : Actiliss Smooth Multi-care mask spray

At 94% of natural origin, the Multi-care mask is the innovating all-in-one pleasure-haircare that detangles smoothes, preserves from heating tools, makes last straightening, protects from the humidity... See the product.


NYC City Award finalist: Actiliss Smooth Multi-care Mask Spray

The City Award is a distinction awarded by a cosmetic professional’s panel for the innovation of the year... See the product.


Victoire de la Beauté : Acticurl Hydra Leave-in, no rinse haircare

This no rinse haircare at 93% of natural origin is ideal to redefine curls while reducing frizzes thanks to its light and non-greasy texture. Rich in hydrating ingredients, it nourishes and fortifies the hair. See the product.


NHA Prize Best Conditionner : Actiforce Fortiying haircare mask

Chosen by a panel of 240 consumers after blind trials, the Actiforce Fortifying haircare mask, made with Sapote and Black Castor oils and enriched in vegetal proteins, is at 96% of natural origin. Its creamy texture deeply regenerates the hair fiber, from the roots to the ends. See the product.