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Since each hair is unique, Activilong offers you the possibility to create treatments adapted to different hair types with a selection of 100% pure natural oils and extracts.

  • 100% pure Castor Oil...


    Strengthens, repairs and adds shine.

    Very nourishing, the Castor Oil  moisturizes the hair scalp, adds shine and brings flexibility to the hair.  Its other advantage is to help the hair growth.

    For the skin, this oil is very appreciated for its actions against brown stains.

    [100% natural - 1st cold pressed]

  • 100% pure Sweet Almond Oil...


    Nourishes, softens and strenghtens.

    Naturally rich in A and E vitamins, the sweet almond oil regulates the sebum production, eliminates the impurities to fight against dandruff and also helps soothing itchy scalps. 

    [100% natural - 1st cold pressed - Virgin - Organic]

  • 100% pure Avocado Oil...


    Moisturizes, strenghtens and adds shine.

    The Avocado oil is ideal to strenghten dry and dull hair that. It also stimulates hair scalp, stimulation that helps hair growth.

    Rich in essential fatty acids, it helps maintaining skin hydration while regenerating and restructuring it.

    [100% natural - 1st cold pressed - Virgin - Organic]

  • 100% pure Jojoba Oil...


    Preserves hydration, nourishes and protects.

    The Jojoba oil rebalances the sebum (whether it is lacking or in excess). Allied of dry hair, it restores vitality, flexibility and shine. UV protective, it can be used as a natural sun protector.

    Protecting, it preserves the natural skin hydration against external aggressions.

    [100% natural - 1st cold pressed - Virgin - Organic]

  • 100% pure Shea Butter Oil...


    Prevents dehydration, repairs and protects.

    The shea olein moisturizes and restores shine to the hair. It protects and adds vibrancy to colored hair.

    Very efficient on dry and sensible skins, the shea olein protects, softens and soothes.

    [100% natural]

  • 100% pure Macadamia Oil...


    Maintains hair color, protects and nourishes.

    Ideal to protect the hair from agressive external factors (wind, cold, sun), it also acts as an UV filter that preserves the hair color.

    For the skin, its regenerative effect strengthens the lipidic film and improves hydration. It softens, soothes the skin, relieves stretch marks and favors healing.

    [100% natural - 1st cold pressed - Organic]

  • 100% pure Olive Oil ACTIVILONG


    Moisturizes, protects and softens.

    The olive oil is very appreciated by colored or/and dull hair, irritated hair scalps because of its nourishing, softening and soothing actions.

    For the skin,its nourishing, soothing, antioxidant and emollient actions make the olive oil suits all kind of skins even the most sensitive ones.

    [100% natural-1st cold pressed - Virgin - Organic]

  • 100% pure Argan Oil ACTIVILONG


    Strengthens, nourishes and adds shine.

    Applied on the hair scalp, the Argan oil strengthens it and makes the hair more flexible while adding shine. 

    On the skin, it helps to prevent early skin dryness and fights against aging by improving the hydration and restoring skin radiance.

    [100% natural - Virgin - Organic]