Discover the power of the Actigro range! 

Take care of your textured hair with the Actigro range, a hair care treatment designed to specifically address the challenges of brittle, split ends and hair prone to loss. Treat yourself to an expert ritual with two adapted treatments: the Stop Cure to counteract hair loss and breakage, and the Boost Cure to stimulate active hair growth, day and night.

The Actigro range is a range of expert rituals that will help stop hair loss and encourage their growth. This range is specially designed to meet two key objectives: to curb hair fall and promote their growth. For those looking for effective solutions to reduce hair loss, the products of the Cure Stop line will be their trusted allies. Enriched with ingredients specifically selected to strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss, these products offer a targeted and effective response. As for those who want to stimulate hair growth and obtain a more dense and voluminous hair, the products of the Cure Boost range will be their essential allies. Formulated with powerful and nourishing active ingredients, they promote blood circulation in the scalp and provide the nutrients necessary to encourage healthy and vigorous hair growth. With Actigro, each hair lens finds its solution, for stronger, thicker and healthy hair.

Yes, some of our products are enriched with essential oils and therefore not recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women. This is the case of the Rich Serum and the Racines Complex. This is an expert range that is reserved for adults.

Cure BOOST will be ideal for people wishing to give a boost to the growth of their hair or the wearers of protective hairstyles subject to inconvenience. This cure allows tone and stimulate hair growth. So we created the Rich Serum, a care to integrate into its night routine. It promotes growth and tones. Then the Fluid Serum, this care to integrate into its day routine. It provides the scalp and tone.

Cure STOP will be ideal for people subject to the appearance of forks or people with brittle lengths due to mechanical or chemical action (defence, smoothing...). This cure stops the fall and the break. The Racines Complex reinforces hair fiber and makes your hair more resistant. The Complex Lengths, for its part, preserves your lengths of the break and strengthens your hair.

In your quest for strong, healthy and vibrant hair, the Actigro range offers two complementary solutions: Cure Boost and Cure Stop.

By combining the cure to stop the hair fall of the Cure Stop range and the cure to favor their growth of the Cure Boost range, you adopt a complete approach for visible and lasting results.

With the STOP treatment, dive into an intense hair care experience. Strengthened by the active ingredients of this range, your hair regains strength and vitality. By stabilizing the fall, you create a land conducive to growth.

And that's where the magic of the BOOST cure works. With its formulas rich in essential nutrients and revitalizing active ingredients, this range stimulates your scalp for a beautiful scalp.

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