Dive into the timeless universe of the Acticlassic range, where the original care comes from the best tropical assets. These great classics of'Activilong have always been used, appreciated and transmitted from generation to generation. Find the authenticity of the products that have been able to pass through time and keep their efficiency unmatched. Offer your hair the best of nature with proven formulas that have proven themselves. With Acticlassic, rediscover the pleasure of traditional hair care and let your hair shine with health and beauty.

The Acticlassic range embodies the timeless legacy of hair care'Activilong, reinventing traditional recipes from the best tropical assets. These emblematic products are a celebration of our history and our commitment to formulas that have been used, appreciated and transmitted from generation to generation. With Acticlassic, you will rediscover the power of hair care that has been proven over time, offering your hair an authentic and nourishing experience, inspired by nature and enriched by our know-how.

Many ingredients are used in this range to meet specific needs. Ricin, Romarin or Coco are used in this range offering your hair all the virtues of these assets.

You can choose your routine according to your hair needs. If you want to purify your scalp, we recommend the Purifying Shampoo with the Purifying Hair Food. If you want to protect your hair from external attacks, we can advise you the Coco Protector Shampoo with its protective shining.

If you need nutrition, the Nourishing Shampoo, its Aloes & Karity Care Balm, its car mask nourishing shea, cocoa to bring optimal nutrition and repair your hair. Brilliant shea nourishing shining will make it easier to comb.

Finally, the Regenerating Shampoo provides nutrition and protection to your hair fiber.

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