Discover the Actiliss range, an essential solution for smooth or deflated hair. Enriched with nourishing Argan oil and pure restructuring Keratin, it offers intense hydration and a perfect discipline for your hair. Designed to meet the specific needs of smooth hair mechanically or chemically, this range ensures outstanding results. Each application revitalizes your hair in depth, making it more supple, shiny and resistant. Finish the frizz and undisciplined hair, thanks to Actiliss, your hairstyle remains impeccable from morning to evening. Opt for this range for a seamless hair routine, offering your hair all the attention they deserve. Experience a smooth and silky hair, ready to face all the challenges of everyday life.

Yes, the Actiliss range'Activilong is designed to suit a variety of hair types. Whether you have curly, fried, wavy, dusk hair, Actilis products are formulated to meet the specific needs of each hair texture. This range offers suitable products for smoothing and mastering undisciplined hair, while offering solutions to nourish and protect hair against heat-related damage and other environmental attacks. As well, as you were looking to get a perfect smoothing or to maintain your smooth hair, the Actiliss range offers options suitable for all hair types.

The ingredients used in Actiliss are Argan oil with highly nutritious virtues and pure Keratin with restructuring properties.

This range includes carefully selected ingredients to offer effective protection against frizz and damage while preserving the smooth texture of the hair. In addition, moisturizing ingredients such as argan oil present in the Actiliss range nourish hair in depth, making it more flexible and less susceptible to drought. This helps to avoid hair becoming frizzy or brittle, which could compromise the smoothing. Keratin, for its part, is a naturally present protein in the hair, and its addition in these products reinforces the hair structure significantly. By forming a protective layer around each wick, pure kerat helps to smooth the surface of the hair, thus reducing friction and minimizing the risks of frizz. In addition, pure keratin present in the Actiliss range helps to restore the strength and elasticity of the hair, which is essential to maintain a lasting smoothing. By penetrating in the hair fiber, pure keratin nourishes and revitalizes the hair from the inside, making it more resistant to damage and external aggression.

You can start your Actiliss routine with the Leaving Kit (Although read the notice and scrupulously respect the application and laying time). Then, the Leasing Extension Shampoo will allow you to gently clean your scalp and continue the smoothing effect. The Mask-soin extension of smoothing amplifies the effect of smoothing while intensely nourishing your hair. You can finish with the thermo-protector smoothing serum when using heaters but also to protect your tips. The little plus: the hair food, to facilitate hairdressing.

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