Discover Coco d’Amour, our new sensory and gourmet range inspired by the Tourment d’Amour Coco, a speciality of the island of Saintes (Guadeloupe) with multiple textures.

Coco d’Amour, it’s pure food, the quintessence of the Noix de Coco, revisited
in all its forms (Coco Bio Water, Coco Bio Oil and Coco Pulpe)
Its light, creamy textures, gourmet recipes and sweet addictive fragrance
sorbet coco-gingembre will scare you !

No! With COCO D’AMOUR, Activilong substantially revisits the Coconut and presents its quintessence in new formulas!

No one had been so far by combining: Water, Pulpe or Oil according to products.

Yes! It is the King of good food, a powerful rehydrating rich in nutrients, minerals, proteins, vitamins and lipids. This gives it exceptional moisturizing, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

All types of hair and all porosities. There is no equivalent in terms of intense hydration and lightness.

It is natural vegetable oil that penetrates the best into the hair fiber and carries the most nutrients. However, the hair should not be saturated with oil, otherwise it is not effective to seal surface hydration. It can give an impression of lubrication failure unlike other oils. Our range compensates by deploying water and pulp.

The Oil and Water Bio, a sustainable, ethical and organic production. Milk integrates all the benefits of food grade. Agricultural methods take into account the maintenance of local biodiversity.

4 products from the range have just received the best rating of the beauty category of "Victors of Beauty". More than 17/20 we had rarely seen this! It is a quality guarantee for the range of our 40 years of expertise and love of the hair.

Yes, at least 97% and up to 99%! In addition they are VEGAN, the Water and the Oil are BIO and the evaluation notes on elogy applications.

The fragrance of COCO D’AMOUR is a subtle blend of sweet and spicy notes, which made the unanimous jury of the Victoires de la Beauté. This fruity so cosmetic fits in all circumstances by leaving an incomparable intoxicating trail that has nothing to do with the classic coconut odors.

This is the first time that we innovate in an all-in-1 multi-soin that is both Co-Wash, Conditioner/After-Shampooing and Leave-In. This is the summum of the minimalist product par excellence especially when travelling! We can leave it on the hair without rinsing it like a hairy milk. Moisturizing and nourishing, its galenic is light for medium to low porosities.

Yes from 3 years since it was tested toxicologically by security assessors from that age. It means its softness for those who use children’s products for their hair!

The difference between these two products resides mainly in the texture, the SOIN EXQUIS 3en1 being more fluid it suits those who like to moisturize their hair without too much weight.

The SORBET CREME is thicker and richer in oil and will better suit hair with high porosity. But one can complement the other depending on the local hygrometry and the need for hair structuring.

The COCO D’AMOUR Hair Shampoo is very nourishing and concentrated. A hazel is enough for the first shampoo to get an impeccable result, the foam is fine, creamy and the intoxicating fragrance. In rinsing the hair remains well detangled and hydrated.

Repetitive exposure to UV and sea salt can damage the hair fiber and increase its porosity. If you are forced to wet your hair regularly, protect them with the BAUME FONDANT COCO D’AMOUR by applying it on your lengths to form a waterproof protective barrier. Between each bath, get rid of salt and chlorine with SOIN EXQUIS 3en1

None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals, so they are "malarily free" by nature. Tests of cosmetic finished products on animals have been banned in France since 2004, and the tests of ingredients have been banned since 2009. In 2013, Europe signed a law prohibiting the marketing of any new product and ingredients tested on animals. New alternative methods ensure the safety and non-nocivity of cosmetic products.

All our products are made in France. Since 1983 we have mastered the entire value chain of our products because we are the formulators and manufacturers of our own products. Our company is 100% family and was founded by a professional hairdresser expert of textured hair since 1953. We have our own research lab and a talented R♣D team that allows us to be LIBRES in our creativity and always offer the best at a reasonable price.

Naturally extracted water from the walnut is a powerful moisturizer rich in minerals (Potassium, magnesium...). It also contains proteins (amino acids, enzymes...) that give it antibiotic powers. Vitamins C and B are antioxidant. The lipids (Lauric acid, myristic, palmitic, oleic...) have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

The oil extracted by cold pressure has been selected for its saturated fatty acid composition that reinforce the hair fiber and its exceptional protective qualities without forgetting its vector function to other active ingredients.

Pulp in the form of cream or milk takes a good part of the best attributes of water and oil in the form of fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, minerals and sugars.

Absolutely, because if the hair is hydrophilic (absorbs water inflating), it is also an opportunity to enjoy it to feed it. The Blade Légère COCO D’AMOUR will ideally humect the hair without weighing it down and will prepare it after the routine by introducing moisturizing assets. In drying the known phenomenon of shrinking or retracting will be limited after any humectation. In addition the hair will feel good without scenting.

The difference lies first of all in the choice of assets: the Coco d’Amour range is the quintessence of coconut while Acticurl is made up of aloe vera and laaya pit. The Acticurl range is a range that will be oriented to the definition of loops. Coco d’Amour will focus on the hydration and lightness of the textures of the products. Coco d’Amour can suit all hair types.

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