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  • Actiforce Fortifying Shampoo

    Step #2 Wash

    The Actiforce Fortifying Shampoo gently removes the impurities from the hair scalp while fortifying the hair lengths.

    Nutrition and softness guaranteed!

    [95% natural origin - No silicone - No sulfate]

  • Acticurl Curl Activator...

    Step #1 Wash 

    Very soft, the Acticurl Hydra Curl Activator Shampoo deep cleanses without removing the natural lipid protection of hair.

    Thanks to its natural ingredients concentrated formula, detangling is easier and the hair is nourished.

    [No S.L.Sulfate- no paraben – no silicon – no mineral oils]

  • Actirepair Repairing Shampoo


    Step #1 Wash - Gently cleanses and facilitates detangling dry and damaged hair.

    The Actirepair Repairing Shampoo cleanses and nourishes the hair throughout the lengths with the mild cleansing agents.

    Enriched with vitamins and nutritive ingredients, the creamy texture builds a protective film for strong and repaired hair.

    [No paraben - No silicone]

  • Actiliss Smoothing Care...


    Step #1 Wash - Gently cleanses and softens the hair

    Enriched in milk protein, the Actiliss Smooth Smoothing Care Shampoo gently provides a long-lasting protection against humidity.

    Upon first use, the effects of straightening are enhanced, and the hair is manageable and soft.

    [No paraben - No sulfate]

  • Carrot Regenerating Shampoo


    Gently cleanses dry and damaged hair.

    The Activilong Carrot Regenerating Shampoo, enriched in provitamins A and vitamins E, revitalizes fragile hair and dry scalp. It provides nutritious and protective benefits to the hair fiber.

    The hair is smoother, shiny and easier to manage.

    [No paraben – No silicone – anti limestone]

  • Rosemary Purifying Shampoo


    Purifies the scalp from dandruffs.

    The Activilong Rosemary Purifying Shampoo soothes itches and eliminates dry dandruffs.

    The scalp is purified and cleansed and the hair style is easier to manage.

    [No paraben – No silicone – Anti limestone]

  • Castor Oil Smoothing Shampoo


    Gently nourishes coarse or undisciplined hair.

    The Castor Oil smoothing shampoo is ideal to enhance shine and softness for coarse and undisciplined hair.

    It allows the rough hair fiber to be straightened. The hair is protected from external aggressions and is easier to manage.

    Result: Soft and straightened, the hair is pleasant to touch.

    [No paraben – No silicone – Anti limestone]

  • Coco Protective Shampoo


    Gently cleanses damaged and dehydrated hair.

    Strongly concentrated in vitamins A, E and lauric acid, the Organic coco nourishes and straightens the hair fiber.

    The Activilong Coco Protective Shampoo reinforces and deeply protects damaged and dehydrated hair.

    [No paraben – No silicone – Anti limestone]

  • Shea Butter Nourishing Shampoo


    Step #1 Wash - Gently cleanses dull and brittle hair.

    The Actiforce Shea Butter Nourishing Shampoo nourishes the hair by restoring the dull and brittle lengths.

    The hair is nourished, protected and shiny.

    [No paraben - No silicone - Anti limestone]