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  • Actiforce Hot Oil Hair Care


    Step #1 Repair

    Thanks to its combination of pure plant oils, the Actiforce Hot Oil Care is ideal for nourish and restore the damaged, dull and brittle hair.

    [97% of natural origin - Pure plant oils  - No silicone - No mineral oil]

  • Actikids Hairfood


    Gently seal the hydration !

    The nourishing balm that protects hair !

    The Hairfood is enriched in Mango butter and Organic Sweet Almond to deeply nourish, protect, but mostly discipline little frizzy and kinky heads. Its creamy texture seals hydration and leaves your child’s hair soft and shiny.

    Its more: The Hairfood can be used to braid the hair or to maintain the baby’s hair!


    *no sulphate surfactants

    *The presence of allergens in the form of traces is not excluded.

  • Actiforce Fortifying Shampoo

    Step #2 Wash

    The Actiforce Fortifying Shampoo gently removes the impurities from the hair scalp while fortifying the hair lengths.

    Nutrition and softness guaranteed!

    [95% natural origin - No silicone - No sulfate]

  • Actiforce Leave-in


    Step #4 Moisturize

    The Actiforce Leave-in gives strength and vitality to the curly, frizzy and kinky hair without leaving a greasy effect on the hair. It also defines and boosts the curls.

    [98% natural origin - No paraben - No silicone -No mineral oil]

    What's the difference between Leave-in and Puff Cream? Read below!

  • Chouchou Fleur de Mariage


    Cuty scrunchie !

    Let's say yes to trendy ponytail and accessorized buns, but always by protecting hair from friction and frizz with our 100% handmade satin scrunchies!

    Available in 5 patterns, their elastic base adapts to all hairstyles - loose or tighter - to be stylish with ease.

    Do you like the designer's designs? Find her creations on the website

  • Actiforce Co-wash

    Step #2 Wash

    Enriched in plant proteins for more nutrition and moisturization, the Actiforce Co-wash gently washes, avoids knots and helps detangle the hair.

    [97% natural origin - Plant proteins enriched - No silicone - No mineral oil - No phenoxyethanol]

  • Scalp Massaging Brush


    A new way to transform your hair routine !

    Wash day will no longer be the same with the scalp massaging brush. Thanks to its flexible spikes, it gently massages and allows you to properly clean the scalp offering at the same time a moment of relaxation. It also boosts hair growth, stimulating microcirculation.

    Its + : give yourself a self-massaging time for a pure moment of relaxation !

    The scalp massaging brush is suitable for the whole family, all hair types, all kinds of scalp !

  • Actiforce Fortifying...


    Step #3 Care

    Enriched in plant proteins, the Actiforce Fortifying Haircare Mask creamy texture melts into the hair to deeply regenerate the hair fiber from roots to ends.

    Ideal for a perfect moisturization, it also helps to detangle the hair.

    [97% natural origin - Plant protein enriched - No silicone - No mineral oil]

  • Actiforce Softening Mist


    Your "ready for use" hair primer!

    Real hair primer, the Softening Mise hydrates, detangles and smoothes the hair without weighing it down for an easy comb and style. 

    [94% of natural - No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oil]

  • Black Satin Durag


    Fix with style!

    Soft and easy to wear, our Black Satin durag will keep your sleek hairstyles in place and give you the famous "waves" that made its reputation!

    To perfect your hair or simply for style, the durag is made for you!

  • Actiforce Hair Food


    Step #6 Sublimate

    The Actiforce Hair Food nourishes, protects ans disciplines the hair. Thus, frizzes are controlled, the hair is soft and shiny.

    [98% natural origin - No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oil]