Discover Actidetox'Activilong, a range of hair care designed to refresh and revitalize your hair in depth. Enriched with natural ingredients such as Romarin, Tea Tree and Indian Wood, Actidetox is the perfect solution to gently remove impurities and residues of hairy products. This innovative range offers a deep and effective cleaning, while balancing and bringing a sensation of freshness to your hair and scalp. Perfect for those looking for hair detox, Actidetox helps to restore the lightness and vitality of your hair, leaving them clean, airy and full of life. Adopt Actidetox for a healthy scalp and healthy hair, and enjoy unmatched hair well-being.

The Actidetox range offers a complete solution to revitalize your hair and remove impurities that can tarnish them. The main benefits include deep detoxification to eliminate product residues and toxins, intense hydration for soft and silky hair, protection against external aggressions for stronger hair and stimulation of hair growth. With Actidetox, find healthy hair and a balanced scalp.

Actidetox products are targeted to restore the health and vitality of your hair and scalp. Their advanced formula combines natural ingredients that detoxify in depth by eliminating impurities and residues of products, while intensely nourishing the hair for lasting hydration. By regulating the pH of the scalp, they soothe irritation and promote healthy hair growth. In addition, their protective action strengthens the hair against external attacks, such as pollution and UV rays.

Actidetox products are specially formulated to meet the unique needs of textured hair. Their detoxifying and moisturizing properties are perfectly adapted to revitalize ondulations, curls, frisettes, dusk hair or protective hairstyles. Indeed, protective hairstyles can be preserved longer, while offering your hair a deep revitalization. The products are even suitable for the most sensitive scalp.

The Actidetox range offers exceptional versatility, which can be used daily or as a cure to revitalize your scalp. Its soft and balanced formulations are ideal for frequent use, offering a deep cleaning without squeezing the hair or the scalp. In addition, Actidetox products can also be used as a cure to reset your scalp, eliminating accumulated impurities and promoting optimal hair regeneration. Whether for regular use or revitalization, opt for the Actidetox range for healthy hair and a refreshed scalp.

After regular use of Actidetox products, you can expect visible and durable results. These products are formulated to thoroughly detoxify hair and scalp, eliminating impurities and residues of accumulated products over time. You will notice an improvement in the overall health of your hair, with a brighter, softer and more flexible appearance. Moreover, thanks to their soothing properties, Actidetox products help to calm the irritations of the scalp, thus promoting an optimal balance. With continuous use, you can expect a reduction in hair problems such as itching, coats and breaks, for revitalized hair and a healthy scalp.

Actidetox is enriched with essential oils. For this, it is not recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Yes, you can perfectly combine products from the Actidetox range with other hair care to customize your routine according to your specific needs. You can create a custom routine to meet the unique needs of your hair. Whether you're looking to strengthen, moisturize and revitalize your hair, Actidetox products can be integrated into your existing routine for optimal results.

Yes, Actidetox products are formulated to help solve various common hair problems such as pelicles and itching of the scalp. Their in-depth detoxifying action eliminates impurities and residues of products that can contribute to these problems. In addition, the soothing properties of Actidetox products help to calm irritation and itching, providing instant and lasting relief. By regulating the pH of the scalp and promoting a healthy environment, these products also help to reduce the formation of pellicles and prevent their reappearance. Opt for Actidetox products for an effective and natural solution to common hair problems, and find a balanced scalp and healthy hair.

Our Actidetox range consists of a trilogy of purifying assets. Indeed, Actidetox is enriched in Roman, powerful detoxifying, soothing, toning and rebalancing. Then, in active anti-pellicular wood that contributes to the reduction of sebum production. Finally, in Tea Tree, powerful purifying active, sanitizing and antibacterial.

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