Discover Actiforce d'Activilong, our range of natural hair care, specially designed for rent and magnify hair. With a formula enriched with natural ingredients such as shea butter and ricin oil, Actiforce is the secret for strong, hydrated and healthy hair. Thought for all, and ideal for afro type hair, this range offers deep hydration, facilitates detangling and gives a natural shine. Each product is a promise of softness and efficiency, ensuring a beautiful and healthy hair on a daily basis. Actiforce is your ally to reveal the natural splendour of your hair, smooth and simple. Revitalize your hair with Actiforce, the perfect combination between nature and performance.

The ingredients used in our Actiforce range are Carapate with fortifying virtues and Sapot with nourishing virtues.

Ideal for frizzy to dusk hair, the Actiforce range offers a specific solution to nourish, moisturize, and strengthen them. Enriched with natural ingredients, Actiforce is designed to strengthen the hair while providing shine and flexibility. It is the perfect range for those who seek to take care of their textured and dense hair, ensuring health and beauty on a daily basis.

To get the best results with the Actiforce range, we recommend that you follow a specific method suitable for frizzy hair to dusk. Start by using the Actiforce shampoo to gently clean while preparing the hair to receive nourishing treatments. After shampooing, apply the Actiforce Care Mask for deep hydration and intense repair. Allow to act according to the instructions to allow the ingredients to penetrate effectively. Then use the Softening Brush to detangle and soften the hair, making it easier to comb. For styling, focus on blown cream and/or leave-in that helps to define loops while protecting them from drought. Finally, remember to apply Actiforce sealing oil to seal hydration and add a final touch of shine. For any hairstyle, you can use the hair butter. This complete routine ensures optimal nutrition and strengthens the natural health of hair frizzy to dusk.

Carapate offers many benefits for frizzy to dusk hair. First, it is recognized for its exceptional moisturizing power, bringing deep and lasting hydration to dry and thirsty hair. Second, carapate stimulates hair growth, thanks to its essential nutrients and fatty acids that strengthen the roots and promote the health of the scalp. Thirdly, it contributes to strengthening hair fiber, thus reducing the breakage and drooping tips, a crucial advantage for dusty hair that are naturally more fragile. In addition, carapate oil adds shine and flexibility, improving the general appearance of hair frizzy and dusk. Finally, it helps to fight frizz, ensuring a smoother and easier hair to comb. The regular use of carapate oil is therefore an excellent choice for those who seek to nourish, strengthen and beautify their hair frizzy or dusk naturally.

Sapot oil is a hidden treasure for hair care frizzy to dusk, offering a range of benefits that significantly improve the health and appearance of these hair types. First, it is highly moisturizing, an essential quality for naturally dry and dusk hair. In deep penetration into the hair fiber, sapot oil helps to maintain hydration and prevent drought. Second, this oil is recognized for its soothing properties on the scalp, helping to reduce itching and irritation. Third, it promotes softness and flexibility, making hair easier to comb and manage daily. In addition, sapot oil is rich in nutrients that feed the scalp and roots, thus encouraging healthy hair growth. Finally, it adds a natural shine to the hair, leaving them not only in better health but also visually brighter. The integration of sapot oil into the hair care routine is therefore ideal for those who seek to improve the quality and appearance of their hair frizzy to dusk.

vThe products of the Actiforce range are designed to be sufficiently soft and nourishing for daily use, an essential feature for those who seek to maintain the health and vitality of their hair frizzy to dusk. Thanks to their formulation rich in natural ingredients, these products moisturize, nourish, and protect the hair without weighing them or attacking them. The daily use of Actiforce helps maintain hydration, reduces frizz and strengthens hair fiber. By integrating Actiforce products into your daily hair care routine, you promote a healthier, more resistant hair, and easier to comb, thus meeting the specific needs of frizzy and dusk hair.

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