Embark on the Control experiment'Activilong, where style and care meet. Farewell dry gels, hello to a sublimated hairstyle with our alcohol-free formulas, enriched with nourishing and moisturizing active ingredients. Discover our three hair gels, each offering a unique fixation, from light to extra-strong, to meet all your hairstyle needs. The Brillance Effect Gel, with Barbarie fig oil and extract from Hibiscus, even sculpts the thickest hair. The strong fastening gel, based on Ricin oil and Blé proteins, is ideal for curly, frizzy and dusk hair. Finally, our gel enriched with Aloe Vera, Coco oil and glycerin, offers incomparable versatility. The Control range is the guarantee of a perfect hairstyle, without compromising the health of your hair.

Our Control gels have been carefully thought out to meet any type of need. If you wish to have a light and wet effect, the light fastening gel will be perfect for you. It allows to structure your hair in a light way and gives a shiny and non-fat effect to your hair.

If you want to have a good fixation for your baby hairs for example, you can opt for the strong fixation gel that will sculpt your hair in a sustainable way. Finally, for a reinforced fixation, the strong fastening gel will be your ally!

The 3 gels Control is suitable for all hair types. On the other hand, the lightweight fastening gel is best suited to fine hair such as wavy or slightly curly hair. (Type 2ABC to 3A). The strong fastening gel will be great for frizzy and dusk hair (Type 3BC to 4A). Then the Extra strong fixation gel for dusty hair (type 4BC).

No, gels from the Control range'Activilong are formulated to offer a long-lasting hold without leaving unwanted residue in the hair. Thanks to their advanced formula, these gels are designed to be light and non-sticky, which allows easy application and rapid absorption by the hair. Thus, users can enjoy defined loops, controlled frizz and a neat aspect, without having to fear the disturbing residues.

These gels offer long-lasting wear while preserving the flexibility and definition of loops. Formulated with quality ingredients, Control gels help to control frizz, to tame rebel hair and to offer a neat and professional look. In addition, they are light and non-sticky, which ensures easy application and rapid absorption without leaving unwanted residues. They have no added alcohol or silicones.

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