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Say goodbye to drying and aggressive gels !

Alcohol-free and enriched with nourishing and moisturising active ingredients, Control gels are perfect for creating any style. 

Mix them, combine them, create yourown  style and exploit the full potential of your most beautiful ornaments !

  • Control Sculpting Wet look...

    Wet look and bright shine

    Natural hold, shiny effect, non-greasy

    Enriched in Aloe Vera, Coconut oil and glycerin, the Wet look Gel does not dry the hair and helps to maintain hydration without sticking the hair or leaving flakes.

    Sleeked back, defined, structured or curly... this gel will fit all your needs!

    [No alcool - No paraben - No silicon - No mineral oil]

  • Control Sculpting Gel...

    For a flexible and structured hair style 

    The Activilong Control Sculpting Strength 2 Gel, enriched in Argan and Shea butter oils with nourishing properties and Glycerin that preserves hydration, has a light hold to give shape to your hair styles without sticking it or leaving flakes.

    [No alcohol - No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oil]

  • Control Sculpting Gel...

    For longlasting structured hairstyles

    The Control Sculpting Gel Strength 3, enriched in Olive and Avocado oils with repairing properties, has a medium hold. Ideal to give shape and hold to your hair styles without leaving flakes. This gel doesn't dry the hair thanks to its formula without alcohol.

    [No alcohol - No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oil]

  • Control Sculpting Gel...

    For longstasting hairstyles

    Sleeked back hairstyles, afro puff..

    Enriched in Castor oil and Wheat proteins, the Gel Strength 4 sculpts and holds lastingly all the hairstyles.

    Without alcohol, formulated for curly, frizzy and kinky hair, it contains glycerin that maintains hydration and avoids dryness.

    [No alcohol - No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oil]