Dive into the universe of the Acticurl range, a unique sensory experience to enhance your loops with the benefits of the tropical assets of pitaya, aloe vera and glycerin. Our collection of revolutionary hair products offers a holistic approach to define, moisturize and revitalize your curls, for brilliant health and vitality hair.

The hydrating properties of the pitaya, combined with aloe vera and glycerin, penetrate deep into the hair fiber, offering optimal hydration and a definition of incomparable buckles. Carefully forged to nourish your hair intensely, Acticurl allows to control frizz.

Offer to your loops, all the attention they deserve and reveal their natural shine with Acticurl, for defined, flexible and radiant health loops, day after day.

Our Acticurl products offer a multitude of benefits for curly hair. Enriched with natural ingredients such as pitaya, aloe vera and glycerin, they bring deep and lasting hydration to the buckles, making them softer, shiny and easy to comb. Thanks to their formula specially designed to control frizz and set loops, they help maintain rebound and vitality loops throughout the day. In summary, Acticurl products are an essential ally for beautiful, healthy and perfectly defined loops.

Our Acticurl products are specially formulated to meet the needs of curly, curly and dusk hair. Their unique formula enriched with tropical active ingredients such as pitaya, aloe vera and glycerin offers deep hydration and a definition of exceptional curls, ideal for this type of hair. However, even if our products are particularly suitable for curly hair, they can also provide benefits to other hair types. For example, the hydrating property of the pitaya associated with aloe vera and glycerin can also benefit from wavy or slightly curly hair by offering optimal hydration and reducing frizz.

The Acticurl range was designed to achieve the most complete routine. You can choose a washing product from the Shift Activator Shampoo or the Acticurl Washing Care. Then come the Treatment and Conditioner Care Mask step will be your perfect ally to treat your hair! The Boucles Activator Spray will help you refresh your loops for bounced loops throughout your week. The Entretenir step is complete as it brings together several products. Indeed, if you want a care without rinsing with a light texture, we recommend the Care Without Rinsing that will moisturize and draw your curls. If you want a care without rinsing to the rich texture, we recommend the Creme Fouettée which will come feed your hair and give a rebound effect to your curls. Finally, the Coiffer step which is composed of the Boucles Activator Gel to fix your loops throughout the day and the Defining Serum to protect your lengths from external attacks. We thought about everything! We have included all the steps of your routine on our labels, so you know when you are in your hair routine.

Yes, Acticurl is specially formulated to meet the needs of curly, curly and dusk hair. Its unique composition, enriched with natural assets such as pitaya, aloe vera and glycerin, offers deep hydration and a definition of loops, perfectly adapted to these types of hair. Whether your curls are tight or looser, our Acticurl products are designed to nourish, moisturize and revitalize your hair.

To get perfect loops with Acticurl, you can start by washing your hair with the Shampoo Acticurl Shield Activator, gently massage the scalp. Then apply the Mask-Soin Conditioner Acticurl on the lengths and tips, gently detangling with your fingers or a broad tooth comb. Leave for a few minutes for optimal hydration, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. After washing, apply a small amount of a styling product such as Acticurl Hairless Care on wet hair, by insisting on areas where you want to define your curls. Finally apply the Shield Activator Gel to fix your loops for the whole day. Let dry naturally or use a diffuser for more volume. For even more spectacular results, regularly use the full Acticurl range and adapt your routine according to your specific needs.

The ideal routine for curly hair starts with the choice of suitable products, like those of the Acticurl range. Start by using a shampoo suitable for your hair. We recommend the Shampoo Boil Activator that gently cleanses while preserving the natural hydration of the buckles. Then, to feed them in depth and to facilitate the detangling, you can apply a mask. The conditioner care mask is perfect to meet these needs. After washing, apply a hairy product. Our care without rinsing, whipped cream or our Active Buckle Activator Gel to define your loops and control frizz will be ideal. For even brighter curls, finish with a serum. The Acticurl Defining Serum will protect your lengths and seal their hydration.

Yes, Acticurl is specially formulated to help control frizz. Enriched with natural ingredients such as pitaya, aloe vera and glycerin, the Acticurl range offers a deep hydration and a definition of exceptional loops, which helps to reduce frizz and keep your curls disciplined. With regular use of Acticurl products, you can say goodbye to unwanted frizz and enjoy beautifully defined loops without defects.

Acticurl is enriched with Pitaya, Aloe Vera and Glycerine.

The pitaya has several specific advantages for curly hair. Because of its richness in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, pitaya helps to strengthen curly hair, promote their growth and prevent environmental damage. In addition, its moisturizing properties help maintain curls hydration, making them more flexible, more elastic and less susceptible to frizz. Thanks to its nutrient qualities, the pitaya also helps to revitalize curly hair, giving them a healthier, brighter and more resistant look. Integrating pitaya into your hair routine can be beneficial for brighter and healthier loops.

Aloe vera offers many advantages for curly hair. Due to its moisturizing and soothing properties, aloe vera helps to nourish and revitalize the loops, making them softer, more flexible and less susceptible to frizz. In addition, aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe the scalp and reduce irritation, thus enabling an environment conducive to hair growth. Thanks to its vitamins, minerals and amino acids, aloe vera also strengthens curly hair, making it more resistant and less susceptible to breakage.

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