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Leave-in conditioner

  • Actikids Leave-in


    Step #3 Detangle / Moisturise / Nourish - Moisturize and define their curls !

    Look no further ! This is THE perfect free-rinse care for your kid!

    Enriched in Organic Sweet Almond oil and Mango butter, the Leave-In wraps up the hair to bring moisture and nutrition, without weighing it down.

    Its more: It allows to detangle and define the curls in only one gesture!


    *no sulphate surfactants

    *The presence of allergens in the form of traces is not excluded.

  • Actiforce Leave-in


    Step #4 Detangle / Moisturize / Nourish 

    The Actiforce Leave-in gives strength and vitality to the curly, frizzy and kinky hair without leaving a greasy effect on the hair. It also defines and boosts the curls.

    [98% natural origin - No paraben - No silicone -No mineral oil]

    What's the difference between Leave-in and Puff Cream? Read below!

  • Acticurl Leave-in


    Step #3 Detangle / Hydrate / Nourish

    This leave-in is ideal to redefine curls while removing frizz thanks to its light and non-greasy texture.

    Rich in moisturizing ingredients, the Acticurl Leave-in nourishes and fortifies the hair.

    [96% of natural origin – No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oils]

  • Actigloss Hair Milk

    Moisturize and revitilize your dry hair!

    Thanks to Jojoba and Macadamia oils, the Actigloss Nourish Hair Milk revitalizes dry hair and protects it from climatical aggressions ( sun, wind …) while giving it vitality and sheen.

    + : its sweet and delicious fragrance which going to charm you for sure !

    [98% of natural origin - No paraben - No silicone - No mineral oil]

  • Natural Touch Conditioning...


    Intense hydration on natural hair. No rinse.

    The Natural Touch Conditioning Hair Milk is an essential treatment for natural hair.

    Thanks to its 98% of natural origin formula, this no-greasy and no-rinse milk brings all the benefits the hair needs for a daily styling.

    [98% of natural origin - No paraben- No mineral oil - No silicone]

  • Actirepair Repair and Style...


    Step #3 Styling - Nourishes, softens and manages style. No rinse.

    The Actirepair Repair & Style Hair Milk is a source of hydration and nutrition for dry and damaged hair.

    Its non-greasy, fluid texture disciplines the hair and facilitates style without leaving any residue.

    [96% of natural origin - No silicone - No mineral oil]

  • Aloe Vera & Shea Butter...


    Step #3 Detangle / Moisturise / Nourish - Nourishes and detangles the hair. No rinse.

    The Conditioning Balm is very smooth and rich thanks to the Shea Butter and the Aloe Vera.

    It revitalizes dry and fragile hair and facilitates detangling.

    [No paraben – No  silicone - Anti limestone]