Dive into the world of Actikids'Activilong, a range of hair care specially formulated to meet the unique needs of children's hair. Enriched with natural ingredients such as soft almond and mango, each Actikids product is designed to be both soft and effective, offering an ideal solution to nourish, moisturize and unravel the delicate hair of children. The Actikids range simplifies hair styling, making hair routines more enjoyable for kids. With special attention given to the sensitive scalp of children, these products guarantee a smooth and gentle care experience, leaving the hair of children supple, shiny and delicately scented. Make your children's hair routine a moment of joy and care with Actikids, for healthy and bright hair of natural beauty.

The active ingredients chosen for the Actikids range are the Mangue, which will nourish and repair the hair, and the Sweet Almond, which will soften and moisturize.

Actikids products are specially designed to provide essential hair benefits to children. Their soft and adapted formulation respects the sensitivity of the youngest scalp. By thoroughly moisturizing, they keep the hair soft and supple, facilitate detangling and strengthen the hair. The small plus: the washing products do not sting your eyes!

Our range is recommended for children from 3 years old.

You can start by washing your child’s hair with the Ti Shampoo Conditioner of Actikids that will allow to clean his scalp, and even if it’s delicate. He doesn't sting his eyes! Then you can continue with its Ti After-Shampooing for easy and fast detangling. Then the Ti Spray Detangling will be an essential to avoid knots and define its loops. Finally, you can complete with one or more hair products to set your child's loops.

The ideal routine for your child will depend on his hair type. Indeed, for the first part of its routine it will be composed of a washing product (Ti Shampoo Actikids or Co-wash), a caregiver product (Ti After-Shampooing) and a product to unravel its hair (Ti Spray Detangling). The second part of his routine will depend on his hair type. If it has thick hair, you can combine Tite Topping Cream and Ti Milkshake for a care without rinsing and allow to bring hydration and nutrition to its hair and begin to define its curls. If it has fine hair, you can simply use the Ti Milkshake. Finally, you can freeze its loops, with the Defining Gel Tite and finish the routine with the Ti Hair Food to facilitate hair styling.

The Actikids range is the perfect ally for your child’s textured hair. Whether it has wavy, curly, curly or frizzy hair, Actikids is formulated to take care of all types of hair textures of children, offering suitable solutions for each specific need.

In addition to containing neither silicone, sulfate* and mineral oil, Actikids is a vegan range with hypoallergenic fragrance.

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