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The products for children under 3 years old correspond to products for babies. The Actikids range is intended only for children from 3 years old. On the other hand, if your child is less than 3 years old, you can use the Natural Extracts (pure vegetable oils to be mixed or not with mineral water), we particularly advise you the sweet almond oil adapted to the smallest.

It is a soft washing cream which is used as an alternative and which makes it possible to space out the "true" shampoos. In fact, co-wash contains washing molecules that are much softer than shampoo and will therefore allow you to get rid of dust, perspiration and sea salt, without damaging the hair fiber or the scalp. The co-wash has also been formulated for daily use.

The difference between these two products lies mainly in their textures and thus in their composition. Indeed, the leave-ins are richer in water and are closer to a milk texture. They are suitable for people with low porosity, who like to moisturize their hair with light textures and who do not want to weigh it down. Creams are much thicker and richer in oils, so they are heavier and will suit hair with high porosity. Depending on your needs, you can combine a leave-in and a cream for maximum hydration

Some shampoos do not contain Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate which is the most common detergent molecule. We have replaced it with washing agents that are much gentler on the hair and scalp, and less harmful to the environment. They allow to clean the hair thanks to the formation of a finer foam.

For hair in transition, it all depends on your hair type at the root. We recommend taking care of natural hair first to keep it healthy, and adapting the use of these products to relaxed lengths. Depending on your hair type, you can use the Actiforce range (frizzy/curly), Natural Touch (frizzy and fine) or Acticurl (curly). The ideal is to make braids on the relaxed lengths to reduce the difference in texture.

The following products are enriched with essential oils and are therefore not suitable for pregnant women: Rosemary Shampoo, Actigro Serum, Root Complex. Concerning the other products Activilong, there is no contraindication for their use on pregnant women. On the other hand, these products are scented, make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients indicated on the INCI list on the back of the product.

You can use the Actikids range on your adult hair. It is a range designed for children, but also adapted to adults. Indeed, if you are looking for a natural range, suitable for vegans, with a hypoallergenic fragrance and a soft pH, then the Actikids range is made for you.

You can mix and match all the lines to suit your hair needs. For example, you can moisturize and nourish with the Actiforce line and define curls with the Curl Activating Gel from the Acticurl line. Or, use the shampoos/masks from one line and use the leave-in products from another. There are no contraindications, the main thing is to listen to the needs of your hair.

Before turning on the pump of the Actiforce softening mist and the Actikids detangling spray, it must first be unlocked. To do this, you must press the small push button provided for this purpose at the base of the pump.


Some of our oils are organic and therefore from the first cold pressing. The advantage of the first cold pressure is that the oils obtained keep all the essential molecules intact (vitamins and fatty acids). You can find this information on the product sheets of each oil.

The Actiforce, Acticurl, Actigloss and Actikids ranges contain a minimum of 95% natural ingredients. We want the ranges to be truly enriched with natural vegetable oils so that they bring all their benefits to your hair.

All our products are guaranteed without preservatives such as parabens.

The shampoos of the Acticurl, Actiforce, Actikids and Actiliss ranges are guaranteed to be free of sulfated surfactants.

Our products and ingredients are not tested on animals. It is important to know that the testing of finished cosmetic products on animals has been prohibited in France since 2004 and the testing of ingredients since 2009. In 2013, Europe signed a law prohibiting the marketing of any new products and ingredients tested on animals. The industry has been developing alternative methods for years to ensure that products are not harmful to humans.

There is no added ethanol-type alcohol (volatile and drying) in leave-ins and creams. In fact, there are several types of alcohol that have completely different physical and chemical properties. In leave-ins and creams you will find fatty alcohols. They will be identified under the names of "behenyl / cetyl / cetearyl alcohol" for example. In their original state, they take on the appearance of a wax similar to beeswax. They are therefore fatty substances, non-toxic for the skin, which have emollient, nourishing and emulsion stabilizing properties.

In the Actiforce, Acticurl, Actigloss, Control ranges, you will not find any silicones or its derivatives. You will find them in some products of the Actiliss, Actirepair and Natural Touch ranges. We strive to offer natural products that bring even more benefits to your hair.

The hair fiber is composed mainly (91%) of proteins called keratin. Thus, the addition of proteins in hair products will help strengthen the hair fiber damaged by chemical treatments, UVs or styling methods too aggressive. Smaller protein sizes (hydrolyzed) can penetrate the fiber and improve the hair's hydration. As for the larger protein sizes, they will form a sheath around the hair shaft. Not all hair types appreciate large amounts of protein, so protein-enriched products are generally suitable for porous and/or damaged hair.

The LCO method is a routine for the driest of hair, allowing it to maintain moisture for as long as possible. The term "LCO" comes from the English "liquid, cream, oil". The principle is to soften the hair with a water-rich texture, the liquid (a homemade spray, a mist, or a hair milk). Then we moisturize the hair with a thicker cream texture and finally we seal the hydration with an oil or a butter. This method is suitable for hair that dries out quickly, with high porosity for example.

The porosity of the hair corresponds to its capacity to absorb and maintain hydration. It is directly related to the degree of opening of the scales (cuticles) of the hair shaft. A very porous hair has open scales, so it absorbs products quickly, but the hydration does not last because the products do not remain. On the other hand, hair that is not very porous has closed scales, so the products have difficulty penetrating the hair fiber and can accumulate on the surface of the shaft. We therefore recommend a rich routine (LCO) for porous hair, with a thick moisturizer and an oil or butter to seal in the moisture. For less porous hair, we recommend lighter textures such as leave-in and oil.

All our products are manufactured in our laboratory located in the Paris area, in France. The different product ranges are imagined in our offices, then formulated in our own laboratory and finally produced on our production site. We have the advantage of being able to manage the entire development of a product from the idea to its release on the market. This allows us to control and monitor the quality of our products, in order to offer you the best.

If you have a quality problem with one of our products, we recommend that you contact our customer service department by e-mail at In order to process your request, we will need the name of the range used, its batch number, as well as the date of purchase so that we can best help you.

Hello, if you are subject to an allergic reaction, we recommend that you rinse your hair thoroughly with clear water and then contact the consumer service by email at and possibly consult a specialist.


We are sorry, we are not able to send samples. However, we do offer free samples when ordering products and at events..

You can find all our products currently on sale on our website. Unfortunately, some references are not available at all retailers. We advise you to check with your local stores.


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We currently do not deliver to the French overseas departments and territories. Stores Guadeloupe : - Cosbeauty Jarry : Fonds Boisneuf, Voie Verte (next to autour de bébé) - Cosbeauty PAP : Centre d'échange Ruddy NITHILA Store Martinique : - Les 3 C : Marsan building - Kerlys district in Dillon Nevertheless, if you wish, we can send your parcel to a person of your choice residing in Metropolitan France.

During the validation of your order, you have the choice between: "be delivered to your personal address" or "add a new address". Select the desired address. This will be indicated on the invoice.

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You have a period of 14 days from receipt of your order to return the unopened product(s) accompanied by the product(s) to the following address MAI - 2 avenue de montboulon - Z.A du sauvoy 77165 Saint-Soupplets. Please download and complete the return form in click here. The returned products must be in perfect condition for resale, the packaging must have been carefully opened. It must not have suffered any deterioration, even minimal, and be in a state of perfect cleanliness. Any damaged or incomplete product will not be refunded or exchanged. We will proceed either to the refund of the article by the intermediary of the same means of payment used for the order or any other means that you will have expressly requested or to the sending of a credit note of the value of the article, at your convenience. Obviously if your desire to return the article is related to an error ofActivilong or a major manufacturing defect of the article, we invite you to contact our customer service so that we indicate you the procedure to follow and we will proceed to a new sending of the article to our load obviously. The return costs are at your charge.

If your package has been opened and/or is damaged, you can refuse it. It will then be returned to us by the carrier. Contact Customer Service to report the claim. If you have accepted the package and find that it does not conform to the order, you will need the following elements to attach to your claim: - In the case of a damaged or broken product: the photo of the whole package and the label, the photo of the inside of the package and the photo of the damaged product - In the case of an incomplete package or one that does not conform to the order: the photo of the whole package, its label and the photo of the contents of the package You can contact our Customer Service by phone at (+33) 1 60 61 62 62 (from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm) or by e-mail here

Upon receipt of your order, you have 14 days to return the item(s) you wish to exchange to the following address MAI - 2 avenue de montboulon - Z.A du sauvoy 77165 Saint-Soupplets. Please download and complete the return form in click here.. For the exchange to be accepted, the product(s) must be in perfect condition and not used. After acceptance of the product(s) to be exchanged, we will proceed to the sending of the exchanged product(s). The processing time for return packages can take between 1 and 2 weeks. Beyond this period, we invite you to contact our customer service at (+33) 1 60 61 62 62 (Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm).