The influence of ethnicity on hair structure

The 3 ethno-capillary profiles

There are 3 "original" ethno-capillary profiles. Each of them has its own characteristics: color, texture, structure or implantation in the scalp..

Because of these differences, hair does not grow in the same way or at the same speed depending on the individual's ethnic origin

Asian hair

Asian hair, usually smooth and brown to black in color, grows perpendicular to the scalp. It has the fastest growth rate with about 1.4 centimeters per month.

Asian hair has a rather round and uniform shape.

Nevertheless, the density of Asian hair is the lowest of the 3 ethnic groups.

Caucasian hair

Caucasian hair can be smooth, wavy or curly. Its colorimetry can vary from blond to dark brown. It grows obliquely, and grows about 1.2 centimeters per month.

Caucasian hair has an oval shape.

The density of Caucasian hair is the highest of the three ethnic groups, so it is the most dense.

African hair

The African hair is generally curly or frizzy, and grows almost parallel to the scalp.

It has the slowest growth rate of 0.9 centimeters per month due to its spiral structure which causes it to twist on itself as it grows.

African hair has a flattened shape.

The density of African hair is slightly higher than Asian hair.