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  • Smoothing Castor Oil...


    Gently nourishes coarse or undisciplined hair.

    The Castor Oil smoothing shampoo is ideal to enhance shine and softness for coarse and undisciplined hair.

    It allows the rough hair fiber to be straightened. The hair is protected from external aggressions and is easier to manage.

    Result: Soft and straightened, the hair is pleasant to touch.

    [No paraben – No silicone – Anti limestone]

  • Restoring Noni Shampoo...


    Gently cleanses damaged and mistreated hair.

    The Activilong Noni Restoring Shampoo revitalizes damaged and mistreated hair thanks to an optimized nutrient supply.

    The hair stem and fiber are more resistant.

    [No paraben – No silicone – Anti limestone]

  • Protective Coco Shampoo...


    Gently cleanses damaged and dehydrated hair.

    Strongly concentrated in vitamins A, E and lauric acid, the Organic coco nourishes and straightens the hair fiber.

    The Activilong Coco Protective Shampoo reinforces and deeply protects damaged and dehydrated hair.

    [No paraben – No silicone – Anti limestone]

  • Nourishing Shea Butter...


    Gently cleanses dull and brittle hair.

    The Actiforce Shea Butter Nourishing Shampoo nourishes the hair by restoring the dull and brittle lengths.

    The hair is nourished, protected and shiny.

    [No paraben - No silicone - Anti limestone]

  • Conditioning Balm - Aloe...


    Nourishes and detangles the hair. No rinse.

    The Conditioning Balm is very smooth and rich thanks to the Shea Butter and the Aloe Vera.

    It revitalizes dry and fragile hair and facilitates detangling.

    [No paraben – No  silicone - Anti limestone]

  • KARINONI Conditioning...


    Nourishes and revitalizes dry and stressed hair.
    Detangling effect.

    The Karinoni Conditioning Hair Care Mask allies the nourishing properties of the Shea Butter with the regenerating virtues of the Noni.

    It allows dry and stressed hair to regain nutrition, strength and vitality.

  • Shea Butter and...


    Nourishes, straightens and coats the hair fiber, fragile or devitalized hair.

    Thanks to its rich formula made of Shea Butter and phyto-proteins, the Shea Butter Nourishing Haircare Mask nourishes fragile and devitalized hair.

    The properties smooth and coat the hair fiber by detangling it.

  • Hair Booster Lotion Actigro

    Activates hair growth. 

    Rich in cleansing and soft ingredients, the Hair Booster Lotion Actigro holds back hair loss. It activates growth and stimulates the scalp.

  • Lengths Complex –...


    Revitalizes brittle hair and split ends.

    Formulated with Ginseng and Hibiscus flower extract, the lengths complex restructures and reinforces the hair stem.

    Hair tips are repaired and lengths are moisturized.

    Hair shines and is full of vitality.

  • Roots Complex -...


    Slows down hair loss.

    The Roots Complex, rich in specific hair vitamins, is especially formulated for hair loss and dandruffs.

  • Hydra Nourishing Bi-phase...


    Restructures and straightens the hair fiber. Express detangle.

    The Hydra Bi-phase hair milk is a no rinse care with immediate action for damaged and dehydrated hair.

    Its light texture associates the hydrating and repairing benefits. The hair is perfectly tidy and shiny.

    [No paraben]

  • Enhancing Styling Plant Wax


    Discipline and embellishes the hair.

    The Enhancing Styling Plant Wax composed of 10 revitalizing and lustring plants, structure the hair lock with shine.

    [No paraben – No silicone]